The holidays put Trailer Talk on a bit of a hiatus, but ironically, it’s the holidays that’s bringing Trailer Talk back in action. We’ve got to talk about the trailer to Jordan Peele’s second film, Us.

The entire internet has been on fire since the Us trailer has hit, and I’ve personally watched the trailer at least 10 times by now, probably more. Each time I watch it, the more confounded and scared I get. I truly don’t know what we’re getting with this movie, but whatever it is, it’s going to be amazing.

I can also tell it’s going to be miles scarier than Get Out, and Get Out is f***ing creepy. There will also be tons and tons of messages in a similar way to Get Out. In the trailer alone, we have the golden scissors, the white rabbits (which appear in the film not just as actual rabbits but as a motif on the daughter’s shirt), the red jumpsuits, the idea of masks (the boy’s Chewbacca mask and the doppleganger’s white mask), etc. One thing Peele has said is that the film won’t have anything to do with race unlike his first one. However, with a black family at the center, the film can’t not touch on race in some fashion. And some of the theories people have about the doppleganger’s white mask might hold water; is the mask a symbol of assimilation into white culture? We shall see.

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If there’s anything we can say, it’s that this is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a long time. The trailer puts a lot of other 2018 trailers to shame, and it reminds me of one of the reasons I used to love trailers growing up. Nowadays, trailers are what they are. But there used to be a time when trailers would (figuratively) stop the world due to people dissecting every piece of it. I wish more trailers could be effectively cut and edited like this one is.

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I’ve seen so many people write Twitter thesis papers on just this one trailer, so if the trailer can cause this much excitement and spawn the sheer amount of theories it has, this film will probably more than likely blow us all out of the water. I’m not one for scary films, but I braved Get Out after waiting an entire year due to fear (and watched it alone!). So I’ll do my best to brave the theater and watch Us, preferably with a host of family around me.

What did you think about the Us trailer? Give your opinions in the comments section below! Us comes to theaters March 15, 2019.

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