I don’t think it’s sacrilege to say that Captain Marvel seems way more powerful than Captain America could ever be.

Of course, according to Marvel Comics lore and Kevin Feige’s word, Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger ever. It kinda makes you wonder why we haven’t seen hide nor hair of her until now, but as I examined in this Shang-Chi article, the behind-the-scenes drama with Marvel’s conservative think-tank made it so we couldn’t get any women or people of color in the forefront until this year.

But in any case, this trailer looks amazing. Aside from any Captain America film (my favorites apart from Black Panther), this is one of the few times I watch a trailer of an impossibly powerful person and actually believing it. Sure, a lot of the characters in the MCU rely on suits and don’t have powers apart from their tech, but still, with characters like Iron Man, I actually believe them more out of costume than I do in costume. Heck, even T’Challa, who is powerful as a human thanks to the Heart-Shaped Herb and immense training and intellect, is more convincing as a character when he’s facing the Shakespearean problems of a king, not when he’s in costume as a superhero.

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But Carol Danvers, though? I completely believe that Carol Danvers, if she ever turned against the world, could destroy it Thanos-style if she wanted to. Heck, I wholeheartedly believe that she could do the Snap on Thanos himself, even with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thank goodness her M.O. is to protect the world from intergalactic threats.

It’s important that we believe that, too–from what many outlets have said after Infinity War, Captain Marvel is the only one who can bring everything back to the way it was and destroy Thanos. And, as the trailer slyly alludes to, I’m With Her.

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What do you think about Captain Marvel? Talk about it in the comments section below. Captain Marvel comes to theaters March 8, 2019.

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By Monique