I’m eager to see Aquaman.

Of course, there’s the obvious reason: It’s Jason Momoa. ‘Nuff said. But let’s also be real: this film looks like it could be really cool. First of all, it’s colorful and refreshing, unlike everything Batman vs. Superman has given us. DC’s penchant for dark and gritty without substance has gotten old at this point, and it’s clear that when DC focuses on making superhero films that are actually fun, they win hands-down. As I wrote in my Blue Beetle post, Aquaman has gotten great word of mouth, too, which goes to show that when DC pays more attention to making good films instead of “dark” films, they know how to make great, crowd-pleasing films.

Also, as I put in that same post, DC is also cornering the market on diverse superheroes, something Marvel still still hasn’t done correctly, despite Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Marvel has tons of ground to make up, and DC’s late start has inadvertently given them an upper hand, because they can now start out of the gate with diverse content, putting them miles ahead of Marvel.

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Another thought I’ve been having: One of the biggest phrases for the end of this year has been “climate change.” There has been a lot of talk of car-makers switching to electric cars and how cities (and countries) are coming together to tackle the issues that face us, but one thing I’ve been wondering is how entertainment will tackle climate change in their films. In particular, I’ve been wondering how films and TV will start using subtle and overt positive messaging that get folks onboard with becoming more sustainable and more eco-friendly. I feel like Aquaman could be the start of that, and if so, I’m glad.

Whereas we’ve gotten tons of films in the past about the dangers of humanity ruining the planet (even the upcoming Mortal Engines touches on that), I feel like Aquaman could be the start of films that showcase how much power we do have as humans to bring the land and sea together, just like Aquaman. Who knows? This film could inspire a whole new legion of mighty marine biologists and climate scientists. Just because something’s entertainment doesn’t mean it can’t inspire someone to take an interest in STEM. Just look at Star Trek. So many people, like Mae Jemison, were inspired by this simple TV show that promoted an interest in space as well as an interest in getting along with others who are different from you.

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What do you think about Aquaman? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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By Monique