As I have written before, it seems like web series are where it’s at when it comes to finding more legitimate forms of representation and diversity. These indie shows are made from the ground up by people who are disrupting Hollywood with their creativity and imagination. I’ve covered several projects like that, and I’m glad I can add Do Better to that list.

Created by Amie Darboe, the web series is, according to the series’ Kickstarter, a dramedy “about a group of Black and Asian best friends living in the Bay Area.”

“The show explores the complicated, hilarious, and sometimes difficult things woke millennials of color go through on their path to self-actualization,” the Kickstarter continues. “The show’s major themes around friendship, love, potential, and forgiveness.”

The show, of course, wants to be relatable to its audience, but Do Better also has the added bonus of providing viewers with the complex Black and Asian representation they might be lacking from the mainstream.

“Although progress is being made, Asian and Black communities lack representation in all aspects of media,” states the Kickstarter. “Additionally, misconceptions about Black and Asian relationships continue to add strife to our communities. Do Better aims to show that not only do Asian and Black friendships exist, but that they’re fun, raw, and hella beautiful.”

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This message was reiterated by Darboe herself, who included her creator’s statement in the Kickstarter. To quote her:

When I was growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I found television to be an incredibly diverse medium that allowed me to not only see stories about people who looked like me and members of my community, but also stories about people who lived worlds away. As I got older, I saw fewer stories that I felt were authentic to not only my experiences, but also those of people of color so I began to write them because marginalized communities also need their voices to be heard. I created this project out of a desire to see more nuanced and authentic portrayals of Black, Asian, and queer people of color on screen. I love serialized television and find the digital landscape to be a perfect opportunity to tell stories that traditionally could only fit on television. Thus, even though I’ve written a number of pilots, I wrote Do Better in a way that allows the series to be told beautifully through a web series format.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Dec. 5, one day before show plans to begin shooting, Dec. 6. So far, the Kickstarter has achieved $7,161 of its $10,000 goal, meaning it only needs less than $3000 more to complete the campaign. With just a few more days to go, there’s still enough time for the show to reach the maximum pledge amount. If you’re interested in Do Better and want to support, make sure to give to the Kickstarter. Or, if you’re not financially able right now, make sure to share the Kickstarter (and this post) with friends and family who might be interested. Any support goes a long way.

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I’m interested in seeing where this show goes, and I’m sure it’ll keep up the trend of web series being the abundant frontier for diversity in entertainment.

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