Earlier this year, I reviewed Kashif Boothe’s web series Imperfect, which I said embodied the best aspects of Living Single into a brand new show for today’s audience.

Boothe is back with his second season of the show that Imperfect stems from, Nate & Jamie. If you need to catch up on the first season, don’t worry–just click here to get to the YouTube playlist.

This season of Nate & Jamie picks up where the first season of Imperfect left off, right after Michelle (Lauren Douglin) breaks up with Jamie (Joshua Samuels). According to the press release:

Season 2 of Nate & Jamie picks up from the season 1 finale and episode 4 of the spin off web series Imperfect, where Michelle (Jamie’s Ex) makes it clear that she is done with him and Sam (the girl Nate pursued in Season 1) and her boyfriend scare off Nate and make sure he doesn’t bother Sam again. Throughout the season it follows Jamie moving on from his breakup and realising that he is still in love with his old girlfriend Vanessa (Jamila Wingett). Nate needs a new place to live after his Mum kicked him out and begins to date two girls at the same time. Will Jamie get his old girlfriend back? And will the two girls Nate is dating find out about each other?

Seeing how I’m a big fan of Imperfect, I’m eager to dive into both seasons of Nate & Jamie. I’m going to have a full review on my blog in the future, but if you want to jump in ahead of me and see the series for yourself, visit the Nate & Jamie YouTube page and follow Kashif Boothe Entertainment at its website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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