Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore and Dominique Jackson ‘Pose’ on the cover of Out Magazine

Pose stars Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, and Mj Rodriguez are the cover girls of the latest issue of Out Magazine. The three were interviewed by Pose writer, episode director, and producer Janet Mock.

Here’s what Moore, Jackson, and Rodriguez had to say about filming the pilot:

Moore: “Mj and I had worked together on Saturday Church. It was just crazy to do that and we’re like, Here we are again,, working together. …Being a part of it felt like something new, it felt like something that [had] never happened before. Maybe it’s because I was around all these other beautiful trans women and trans women of color–the only time I’ve ever been around that many trans women was in an afterschool program.”

Jackson: “Seeing all of them just filled my heart with so much joy. I felt like there was a special connection to those that had gone before us. When I saw Indya, I felt like it renewed and solidified my belief that something was destined. I met her years ago when she was just a young kid and I was doing work for a non-profit organization. Wakling into the room, it felt like family, even with people that I had never met before.”

Rodriguez: “I was pretty conscious of the history that I was making, but there was some numbness in that I didn’t want to see it because I was just so, so enamored with what was happening when I arrived…After I got outside of my nervousness and my insecurities, I saw that there were women around me that I felt comfortable with. I lived in that and I learned from it. And I also learned from them. That’s what made it easy for me to just to stay grounded in the history and stay grounded in the work that was doing alongside them.”

Read the rest at Out.com! I’m so proud of these actresses and their success. I’m loving every episode of Pose and I’m so proud it’s gotten a second season! I can’t wait to see what the cast has in store for us and I’m hoping more success comes their way!

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