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It’s new webseries time again! I love featuring webseries, since they often make up the slack broadcast television still has. Webseries almost always show the types of narratives that get lost in the cracks. This new series, FML, is no exception.

Created by Viktoria I. V. King, FML follows a group of multicultural friends as they try to make it through adulthood and make their way in the porn industry.

Working in porn, quarter-life crises; welcome to our world. Inclusive comedy for the broke and the horny.​”FML Series”, is a comedic web series about five inclusive friends going through quarter-life crises whilst working in some facet of the porn industry.

A sex talk radio host/ entrepreneur (Melanie A. Peterson) an aspiring erotica writer (Christian Victoria Allen), a sex store employee/ liberated lover (Julie Tran) an indie filmmaker turned porn director’s apprentice (Hasnain Ali) and an actor/model turned aspiring porn star (Rudy Guererro) make up the group of friends.

As millennials, they navigate through life trying to find a purpose, money, a good lay and identity while partying their sorrows away.

The show also stars Darlene Dues (Orange is the New Black), Anthony Duluc (Blue Bloods), Ana Roshelle Diaz (Orange is the New Black), Sarah Pribis (Little Things) , Zachary Eisenstat (Detroit) , Gabrielle Georgescu, Nate Betancourt, Lauren Kneteman, Ruby Hurlock, Chris Banks, Dolly Cardenas, Neysa Lozano, Raul Meruelo, Catherine Jandrain and Nikki Lowe.

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The first half of Season 1, consisting of 12 episodes, is available via streaming subscription on LGBTQ inclusive digital platform REVRY, as well as Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku TV, and REVRY’s streaming app.

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By Monique