The Black Panther goods keep on coming, partially thanks to Lupita Nyong’o, who is constantly tweeting out behind the scenes pictures.

This time around, Nyong’o posted a picture of her and Chadwick Boseman in, as she put it, a prom pose.

It is, indeed very promtastic. Or, to put a more adult spin on it, it looks like an engagement photo.

Since the image did strike me as an engagement photo, I decided to make one to see just how well it would function as the image for a wedding invite. Let’s see what type of invitation Everett K. Ross might get in the mail, much to his surprise.

Wedding invitation mock-up for T'Challa and Nakia's wedding.

I made this doggone graphic, and I’m mad I can’t receive this in the mail! I want to go to this wedding!

(If you’re reading the invite and you’re wondering why the wedding is on such an odd day like Monday, supposedly Monday is also Bast’s day, since Bast is associated with the moon. Get it? Moon-Day=Monday=Bast’s day [according to my research].)

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I would love if the sequel gave us an extended cut of Nakia and T’Challa’s wedding because 1) I officially don’t care how long any Black Panther movie has to be because I’m buying a ticket regardless just so I can stay in Wakanda as long as possible and 2) I’m not a Storm/T’Challa fan. Sorry to those who are, but I never liked that storyline because I didn’t think Storm and T’Challa had any chemistry other than that they’re both black and African, and those two things are just similarities, not necessarily chemistry-builders. Albeit, I didn’t read much of that storyline, but I did read the wedding graphic novel, and I wasn’t impressed.

Just think of the regalia of a Nakia/T’Challa wedding. As much as many of us are waiting on the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry wedding, a royal Wakanda wedding would have 10 times more splendor and definitely 10 times more cultural relevance for many watching. Everyone would be dressed in clothes that cost each person at least a small house payment. Shuri, as T’Challa’s Best Woman (’cause even W’Kabi’s not as dear of a friend as T’Challa’s own sister) would demand for the wedding to end as soon as possible so she could get back to important things, like developing the next set of “sneakers.” Vibranium-laced trinkets that should be worth thousands of U.S. dollars are given out to everyone as wedding favors. It’d be an amazing, uproarious, and extremely decadent time.

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If you miraculously invited to T’Challa and Nakia’s wedding, what would you wear? What would your gift be? What do you think would happen? Leave your comments below!

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