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It’s nearly Oscars Sunday! If you’re hosting an Oscars party this weekend, you might need a game or two to keep your guests happy and engaged (especially if their favorites lose).  Enter the Oscars Bingo, suitable for up to four people.

I’d always wanted to make an Oscars Bingo game, seeing how many of the same things happen each year; a divisive choice always hosts. Someone (or a multitude of people) make political stances. Someone gets played off or tells the orchestra to stop the music. The winner of Best Picture is hardly ever the right choice.

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Instead of just counting down until the inevitable, you can at least make a game out of it. And, if you’re that kind of player, put some money down and really make it a night to remember.

Here’s the PDF link; download, buy some bingo markers or bingo chips, and have fun!

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By Monique