Here are all of the “Black Panther” premiere videos you can handle

The Dora Milaje stand guard at the Black Panther premiere Jan. 29. (Photo credit: Marvel)

Black Panther is already sending shockwaves throughout Hollywood–not only is early buzz tremendously positive (and even describing it as that is short selling it, since folks have said they’ve straight up cried), but the film has already outpaced all superhero films combined in Fandango sales. In short, we mortal beings aren’t ready for what’s about to hit us.

Consider this post a bit of a preparation for the onslaught of awesomeness that’s coming our way in less than two weeks. Compiled here is the recording of Marvel’s red carpet (or rather, royal purple carpet) livestream, as well as EPK videos out the wazoo. To be honest, no amount of prep is going to get us fully together–we’re all going to be left in shambles–but you can certainly have fun watching hours of Black Panther premiere footage and reading JUST ADD COLOR’s Black Panther coverage. 

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Andy Serkis

Chadwick Boseman

Daniel Kaluuya

Florence Kasumba

Forest Whitaker

Letitia Wright

Sterling K. Brown

Danai Gurira

Black Panther comes to slay us all Feb. 16.

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