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It’s been a while since I had some Man Crush Monday posts. Let’s get back into the swing of things with this week’s crush, Sam Adegoke.
If you’re a fan of CW’s Dynasty reboot, you’ve seen Adegoke tear it up as Jeff Colby. Before landing his Dynasty role, Adegoke wow fans on Murder in the First and Switched at Birth. He’s also starred in Lifetime’s 2017 Michael Jackson biopic Searching for Neverland.
Adegoke’s love of acting stems from his desire to act as a conduit for characters and their experiences, and hopes to impact audiences with something meaningful and thought-provoking. As he said to Rolling Out:
“I feel like I’m constantly learning. You never stop learning. That’s something some seasoned actors who have mentored me have always taught me. You always have to come to things with a fresh perspective, and boldness, with the confidence to lean into the uncertainty.”
Outside of acting, Adegoke has tons of hobbies, including clothing design, painting, drawing, and music. He’s also a huge motorcycle enthusiast and loves traveling and spending time with family.
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By Monique