Earlier in the week, I wrote about John Leguizamo’s op-ed in Billboard calling people to action to support and uplift Latinx voices in the media. If you’ve been wondering how to do that, here’s the perfect opportunity—a new show centering on Latinx characters is coming to CBS, and it’s going to need your support.

One Day at a Time co-creator Gloria Calderon Kellett has announced that she’s bringing a new multi-camera/hybrid comedy to CBS called History of Them. According to Remezcla (via Deadline), the show will revolve around a “Latinx and white” multicultural relationship “told through the eyes of the couple’s future daughter as she navigates their social media feeds.” As Remezcla writes, the show is, like One Day at a Time, “semi-autobiographical to Calderon Kellett’s life.”

CBS has gotten tons of flack for not having enough diversity in their line-up, particularly for how their current line-up of shows failed to have women in leading roles or directing/behind-the-scenes roles. With History of Them, CBS seems to be trying to mitigate their bad press and do right by underrepresented groups.

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History of Them currently doesn’t have a filming date, much less a premiere date, but whenever the show does premiere, we need to do our best to support it in whatever way we can. The second season of Calderon Kellett’s One Day at a Time premieres in 2018, another chance to throw our support behind Latinx talent.

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By Monique