It’s officially official: Living Single is coming back!

The rumors of a Living Single reboot have been floating around for a while and Queen Latifah finally confirmed the plans for a reboot on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

According to Essence, after a caller asked to see if Living Single would ever come back, Queen Latifah responded with, “We’re actually working on it.”

“It’s not there yet. But hopefully, we can get it happening,” she said, adding that she would be a producer on the show and is working on getting the original cast back.

Living Single was one of the seminal ensemble shows on TV during the ‘90s, especially if you were a woman of color. With so many different types of successful and entrepreneurial women represented on the show, it felt as if you were watching your friends (or, if you were young in the ‘90s like me, the friends you wished to have when you got older). Combine that with that classic ‘90s New York setting, and you have a hit as well as an inspiration to young girls of color everywhere.

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Once the reboot comes back, it’ll be fun to see if the show can recapture the magic the original had. There were so many great moments from Living Single, but probably the most memorable one is when Kyle serenaded Maxine after she made fun of him for having stage fright.

Maybe when the reboot comes back, we can finally get full closure on what happened to Maxine and Kyle’s relationship (because that relationship was a doozy).

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