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If you listened to the Black Girl Nerds podcast episode featuring Iron Fist star Lewis Tan, you might have heard him tease an upcoming film project he’s working on with director Lexi Alexander. This week, Tan has finally released the film’s title and some behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter.

The fact that the film’s name is The Fire Born is about all we know right now, save for the fact that Tan is very clearly the star of the film. Along the lines of #StarringJohnCho, but it’s good to see a film finally in the works that features an Asian man as the leading man. Also great is that both Alexander and Tan are not just aware of the issues facing minority talent in Hollywood, they are working on the frontlines to make things different for all actors and directors in Hollywood.

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Okay, I’ll quit writing now since, if you’re anything like the hoardes of men-loving folk who are watching Iron Fist only for Tan, you just want to see these pictures. Enjoy.

If you’re still reading, check out what other folks have been saying about The Fire Born. 


Are you an unabashed fanboy or fangirl for The Fire Born? Leave a comment with your ideas of what you think The Fire Born is going to be about!

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