You might have seen Lovers In Their Right Mind promoted on JUST ADD COLOR before (in case you haven’t, check out the interview with journalist and co-screenwriter Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn). I’ve gotten an update from Littlejohn about the project, and this update is one in which you could get #YourBigBreak.

Littlejohn, her co-screenwriter Barrington Smith-Seetachitt, and their production team are looking for interracial couples for their upcoming video series. But the casting is specifc, since the film focuses on black/Persian relationships. Here’s the official rundown:

CASTING CALL: The producers of Lovers in Their Right Mind, a feature film (in development) about the romance between a black woman and a Persian man, are casting black/Persian couples (and black women in other cross-culture marriages) to tell us your stories in on-camera interviews. The videos will be exploring themes from the narrative film, and will be platformed as part of the crowdfunding campaign for the project. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be–write to us at, and we’ll connect with details!

Do you think you fit the bill? If so, email Lovers In Their Right Mind as soon as possible!

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By Monique