In conclusion: Before I end this already too-long article, let me state that if you became a lover of JUST ADD COLOR for my Sleepy Hollow commentary, then I am glad to have had you and I thank you for reading my countless words about this show. I know I had slacked off from covering the show on my site, but I was actually debating dropping it from my recap list altogether after the finale. I didn’t expect Abbie’s death was around the corner, so this final shock has certainly sealed the deal for me. I personally feel rather betrayed by Sleepy Hollow, since I, like a lot of fans and critics, rallied behind this show even when it was failing. But whatever, right? Stuff still turned out awful in the end.

In any event, I hope you stay tuned into JUST ADD COLOR, because I’ll be writing a lot more about other shows. I’ve got a lot planned, so I hope I can get to it all. If you came to me through Black Girl Nerds, don’t worry—I’m not leaving the site! I’m going to write more for Black Girl Nerds, including posts on a show I’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for, Riverdale. Being a huge Archie Comics fan, this show is right up my alley. I love the subversive takes on the characters and the level of diverse casting that’s gone into the show. It’s certainly going to be an adventure.

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Finally, as I said on Twitter, my anger has spurred me to write my own pilot. Do I know when my idea will become a show? Nope. But anger can be a great motivator, and I hope that other POC writers who are mad beyond belief will use their anger to create their own projects. It’s clear that diversity doesn’t start from the top down; it starts from the bottom up. We’ve got to be disruptions if we want the top brass to hear what we’ve got to say. Remember how wrongly Abbie, Tara, Lexa, Lincoln and countless others have been treated on these shows, and get to creating.

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What do you think about the season (or probable series) finale of Sleepy Hollow? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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