Jane the Virgin’s latest episode, “Chapter Twenty-Four,” showed Jane’s indecision between the two men in her life, Rafael and Michael. It was hilarious to see Jane battle herself while trying to choose one man over the other, and it was also hilarious that the form of herself she was battling was a boozed-up Bachelorette version of herself.

But even though Michael is right in saying he has known Jane longer (and better) than Rafael has, I’m still TeamRafael. I feel like the audience watching is split down the middle, since both guys have good attributes, but Michael has always struck me as shifty. And, as it turned out last season, he was a little shifty. But even though he did save Mateo and has warmed up to the idea of being a father, Jane just seems to click better with Rafael.

However, it’s not like Rafael is sterling at any rate. Rafael was a bad boy who had broken Jane’s heart before many years ago. But Rafael turned the corner of accepting fatherhood much faster than Michael ever did, and Rafael had more of a reason to shun the pregnancy in the first place, I think, since he didn’t know his sperm was being inseminated into the wrong woman (or woman, for that matter).

Also, Rafael is much more of a romantic than Michael. And not in a “buying tons of flowers and candy” type of way. That’s regular. It’s extra sexy when a man not only embraces fatherhood (i.e. outfitting Jane and Mateo’s room with tons of baby things from Target), but just everyday family life. His spiel about having a regular Thursday, which includes him, Jane and the baby just going out for fries? AAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!! And he let her sleep in while he took care of the baby? JUST PICK HIM, JANE! DO IT!

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There’s still tons of discussion about #TeamMichael versus #TeamRafael on Twitter (including Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni and Ivonne Coll):

As to who she will pick in the end, who can guess? (But I just know it’s gotta be Rafael.)

In other news, Jane the Virgin is continuing with exploring the very real issue of immigration with Alba’s police scare. Jane gets in trouble for stealing the mean rock girls’ amp because they kept waking up Mateo (one of the girls were played by Kesha), and the police come to their house while she’s not there. Instead, the police are interrogating Alba, who is trying her best to give a plausible excuse for losing her green ID. Thankfully Jane is there to handle the situation, but the scare marks the last time Alba feels like being afraid of the police. She decides to finally get her green card.

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This storyline is one of the most fascinating parts of Jane the Virgin, and is one of the many ways the show grounds itself in reality. If you want to read an article discussing more about this, read this amazing article by The Atlantic, which gets into nitty gritty detail about why Jane the Virgin gives a multifaceted look at Latino culture.

What did you think about this episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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