I’ve just seen the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens, and it was amazing! 

The trailer, which aired during the halftime show of Monday Night Football, showed a lot more of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega than we’ve seen thus far, as well as more of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren (except he kept his mask on the whole time). I believe we also got to hear the voice of Lupita Nyong’o’s character Maz Kanata, but we didn’t see her face! Similarly, we also didn’t get a look at an un-masked Gwendolyn Christie’s Captain Phasma (although we see her walking in battle). We don’t see Andy Serkis’ Supreme Leader Snoke at all (except in a very, very faraway shot, if that was even him and not Kylo Ren). But we did get a glimpse of Oscar Isaac’s fighter pilot character Poe Dameron in action (thanks to that Vanity Fair picture of Dameron in full on pin-up pose, he’s one of my favorites next to Boyega). And of course, we got more of Harrison Ford and the first glimpse of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia.

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I love that the worlds in the film look like actual lived-in worlds. I have to be honest and say that I was never the biggest fan of the originals, but what I loved about the originals and hated about the prequels is that the worlds looked lived in. The worlds in the prequels were clearly generated and slick, looking more like video game worlds than actual environments. I feel like I could actually travel to these worlds again, which is fun and exciting for me. J.J. Abrams has been famous for saying he wasn’t originally a Star Trek fan, but it’s easy to see that he brought his Star Wars sensibility, especially for lovable characters and real-feeling environments, into the Star Trek universe and has really made those sensibilities shine in Star Wars.

Okay, enough of what I have to say. HERE’S THE TRAILER!

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What’d you think? Give your opinions below!

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Screencap from trailer
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