Earlier this year, I put out my COLOR recap list, which included lots of things. But I honestly underestimated the sheer amount of recapping I’d have to do this year, coupled with the amount of TV work I do for other companies. (I work many different jobs aside from running this site.) I’ve found myself literally not having a lot of time to do anything except watch TV and write, and I can’t keep this up until January. So here’s the revised list, with reasoning (since I’m sure there are fans of the shows that will get cut from the recap list):

What will be recapped or get reacts:

Sleepy Hollow: This show has been my online bread and butter. I have such a huge relationship with this show that I’m not just giving this up. Also, you can read my recaps at Black Girl Nerds (click the sidebar link), so the Sleepy Hollow recaps are important. Lots of people are counting on these each week.

How to Get Away with Murder: This show is getting a react more than a recap, since there’s not really much of a plot to this show, to be honest. It’s just a bunch of loosely-strung together OMG moments, and that’s not speaking ill of it; it’s just a show that you watch when you want to unwind and check out of your life for an hour before bed. It’s fine for that. It doesn’t warrant a full recap for me, though. Just some thought on it.

Empire: This show will get a cross between a react and a recap, since there’s more plot to this show and there’s a lot more to the characters. It’s such a phenomenon, and it’s not solely because of the OMG moments.

Shows that will be covered semi-regularly:

Fresh Off the Boat and black-ish: I’ve labored over this decision long and hard, since I love recapping both shows and because I’m online-friends with some of the people from both shows and want to throw as much support to the shows as possible. But I don’t have enough time this season. My two work lives have routinely coincided around the 7 o’clock hour, and doing two things at once is just too much now. So instead of putting out awful recaps, I’ll still watch the episodes and, when the mood strikes me or when there’s something of note in the episodes, I’ll write a post. These posts will be a lot more along the lines of this; they’ll be things of substance.

Shows that will be covered intermittently:

Quantico and Indian Summers: Once again, I have no time to watch everything, so I’ve lost track of both shows. I have to catch up and then see if there’s something I’d like to write about. I already have an idea of something for Quantico, so hopefully I can get that up at some point.

Will I be live-tweeting? Some shows, like Sleepy Hollow and HTGAWM, I will live-tweet. But some shows are happening during my late night work hours, so I might not be able to  live-tweet. Stuff will happen when it happens. Also, for those wondering about future Periscopes, I’ll have one planned very soon; stay posted.

So sorry for those who read every one of my recaps. Things have just gotten too packed this fall season, so tough calls had to be made.

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By Monique