This week on How to Get Away with Murder was “How to Have Tons of Sex While Getting Murderers Off (The Hook).” Actually, the title of the episode was “It’s Called the Octopus,” which doesn’t give any indication as to the type of sex that the audience was in store for. Look, I’m not a big, big prude, but I am a prude about seeing tons of sex on TV, especially since I’m currently sharing a house with family members. 

Sex was also a big part of the case with The Fosters star Sherri Saum as the owner of a sex party/dungeon type-thing. She killed someone, but she ended up getting saved from jail thanks to Annalise’s superpower; getting people off their charges. Somehow. I still don’t understand how any of what she did actually worked; wouldn’t she get held in some kind of contempt for placing blame on someone that didn’t even do anything? There was never any evidence that led to the wife of the guy the sex party lady loved. They won’t be able to find any of those tablets on her! Oh well, whatever.

The case was just a vehicle for us to learn more about the mystery surrounding Prosecutrix’s murder and Annalise’s grave injury (because we know she’s not going to die). We know that Asher is in with Prosecutrix for some reason concerning some girl. Asher is also cheating on Bonnie? What’s their relationship again? Why are they even together? And why would the relationship be such that it would make Bonnie stoop to having drinks with Laurel? Gross behavior, Bonnie. You’re supposed to be above this kid stuff.

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Someone who is above kid stuff is Wes. It’s still uncertain if Wes and Annalise are ever going to get together (it seems like it; why would she call him of all people, not her muscle Frank, to kill a rat?), but we do know that Wes certainly is planning for Annalise’s demise (or so it seems). Him working with Frank after finding out from Rebecca’s foster brother that she’s dead? He’s now going to be on the warpath for real this time. (Also worth mentioning that Rebecca’s foster brother is also Michaela’s new boyfriend.)

The development of the siblings’ incestuous relationship is…gross…but not unexpected. There seemed to be a weird vibe between them throughout the episodes, and the tabloid cover only confirmed it. I guess they figure they aren’t really related, but if you’re raised together as brother and sister, you’re brother and sister no matter what your blood says.

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…I think that’s all I’ve got. There’s so many OMG moments in shows like this, but sometimes they don’t add up to much at the end of the day. It’s just something fun to watch while you’re eating dinner and looking at Twitter. It’s a diversion as you wind down the day and get ready for sleep.  Don’t know what else to say about this episode.

What’d you think about this episode, though? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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