I’m still having fun with Minority Report, but I’m still worried about it, something I’ve written about already

To expand on that a bit more, what I’m worried about isn’t so much that it’s like Almost Human; I’m just worried that it won’t find its purpose and direction until it’s too late. Almost Human had the excuse of FOX running the show out of order. But Minority Report has had most of FOX’s promotional attention (of course, that doesn’t compare to the promotional dollars FOX has invested in Empire).

Sure, Minority Report is only three episodes in and the world is still being set up, but I don’t think the show can take more than three episodes building the world. The world’s rules kinda need to be at least 80% established by now instead of taking the whole season to establish this futuristic world. Anyways, just worrying out loud, particularly since the show’s ratings are on a slippery slope. 

In any case, Dash is now a “civilian analyst” for the police, working with Lara on the police department’s new “Hawk-Eye” program. To me, “Hawk-Eye” just seems like it’ll turn into an elaborate, futuristic way to racially profile, justified by the program saving the life of one person, i.e. the person who was saved from killing himself in this episode. I can already see the futuristic headlines now, where some person gets wrongly profiled and is killed by the police. Anyways, the “civilian analyst” is a great cover for Dash to finally work with Lara on the record, but Lara’s risked Akeela’s job just to get him on the payroll! I’m like Akeela; worried that Akeela’s already signed off on her own pink slip, since Blake is still snooping around Lara and Dash.

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I did think the method of potential killing was interesting; altering someone’s prefrontal cortex to make them self-implode is a good way to keep your hands clean, that’s for sure. But does the crime validate the use of the Hawk-Eye program? I guess it could, since no one else knows Lara’s working with a Precog. I guess I’m just very suspect of the whole program as it is, since as Lara pointed out, it has many loopholes that could be used for nefarious practices.

Do we even know if Agatha’s vision is of the Precogs going back into the bath? The Precogs aren’t even in the bath in the vision, if my memory serves me right. All we see is the thing itself and Lara looking into it. Couldn’t it just be a vision of Lara finally being introduced to the place Dash spent his whole life? It wouldn’t be beyond the show to have Dash finally show Lara where he came from, since he’s already feeling dodgy about being back there in the first place. I don’t know about Agatha, you guys. She’s up to something, and she’s not telling the whole truth about what she saw. Seeing how she was able to manipulate the horse dude by telling him all the ways he could die, she’s not afraid of getting dirty.

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These are my thoughts (as many thoughts as I could have while battling a sinus migraine). What are your thoughts? Do you worry about the show’s future? Give your opinions in the comments section!

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