EDIT: The winner has been chosen! Hailey aka @xbleedingblissx! Congratulations!

The latest season of The Walking Dead is almost here, and AMC is celebrating the impendng return of everyone’s favorite zombie show with a marathon of seasons 1-5 starting today, Oct. 5. The way COLOR is celebrating, though, is with our first giveaway!

I’ve got a cool Michonne Pop!TV Funko figurine up for grabs, and the winner will be the person with the funniest, catchiest, or Michonne-iest caption to this picture:


Think you have the winning caption? Here’s what you need to do. Follow COLOR on Twitter @COLORwebmag and tweet me your phrase with the hashtag #MichonneFunkoGiveaway. You have until Sunday, Oct. 18 (the second week of the new season of The Walking Dead) to send me your captions, and the week of the 11th is when I’ll choose and notify the winner through Twitter direct message.

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This contest is only open to those in the United States. Participants only need to enter once, but feel free to share colorwebmag.com with any and everyone you think will like reading the site’s content!

The sixth season of The Walking Dead begins with Rick and the gang still getting used to things in Alexandria. The premiere, “First Time Again,” showcases how everyone’s still not used to their surroundings and how a new source of terror might be on the way. Take a look at the show’s Comic-Con trailer to refresh your memory about what’s in store for our ragtag gang this season:

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Are you ready for Rick and the gang to come back to your TV? Are you excited to see what Michonne’s going to do this season? Has Fear the Walking Dead just not cut it for you in terms of your zombie watching? Write your comments below!

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