Today is a big day in the world of children’s television: First Lady Michelle Obama is on Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins!

Mrs. Obama is using the platform to give kids an important message; that they can make a difference in their communities. That’s an important, empowering message for kids, who are often informed by society that they need to be adults to make big changes in the world.

Here’s a clip from today’s episode (which will have you saying, “I’m an inspiration!):

This is a momentous occasion for those of us who thought we’d never see someone like us in the White House. To see Mrs. Obama interacting with someone who’d be in our shoes, like Doc McStuffins, shows that the sky is the limit to what young girls, especially girls of color, can be.

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It’s also momentous in the fact that I think this might be the first time a First Lady has been animated ever. The Obamas are all about firsts, and this just goes in their book of records they’ve broken.

I’m rather excited to see the response this episode will garner, and I’d love to see the kids reactions to it, since I know this is going to be an episode that will have a huge impact on kids’ lives. I think this episode will also impact big kids’ lives too; tons of folks on Twitter are already singing the episode’s praises, especially the impact it will have on young black girls. This episode might be one that will become Disney Junior’s highest-rated yet.

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From what LocateTV shows, the episode will come on in the morning and the evening. If you happened to watch the episode today, what did you think about it? Give your opinions below!

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