When the end of the How to Get Away with Murder episode “She’s Dying” aired, I was left with many thoughts. Too many thoughts. Why will the prosecutor get killed? What did Eve do in court? Will Annalise run away from her problems and live an “Olitz making jarred jam” life with Eve? (I already know the answer to that: Of course not.) Let’s get into my reactions, in bulleted form. 

• Por qué with the prosecutor?: Why does the prosecutor have to die? Who’s going to kill her? Why must the death count rack up already? I was surprised that she was even revealed as having something  more to do with this story, since she seemed like a fun, but filler character. Is she just going to be collateral damage? Sigh. Let’s go ahead and pour some out for the lady who tried to put Nate (or Annalise?) behind bars.

• What did Eve even do in court? I’m still trying to figure out how she got Nate off by railing against Annalise in court. It would seem that her doing that would seriously put Annalise in danger of being arrested by the court. Annalise certainly seemed to think she was going to go away. Look, I know it’s a show, so Annalise can’t go to jail (yet), but…how did any of this work? How did the judge not think there was enough evidence to indict Annalise? I would’ve indicted her. Whatever.

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• We all know Annalise won’t run off with Eve into the jam-filled sunset. Annalise doesn’t like living in lies and deceit, but it’s also the life she knows well. She knows how to play that game (and too well) to feel comfortable living a normal life in the truth (since the truth is how Eve lives, as we’ve seen from her grilling Annalise in court). And by “comfortable,” I mean Annalise doesn’t feel she deserves to live a normal, drama-less life. She feels she deserves bad things, so she surrounds herself with bad things, bad people, etc. She said as much last year; if you were taking her class, that meant you had some bad elements about you. She only attracts bad and, sadly, she thinks that’s what she deserves.

• Is Nate the potential killer? Who knows. I’m still banking on Bonnie, since she’s beginning to feel like her mother figure in Annalise is rejecting her. Seems like she comes from a background of rejection, and her viewing Annalise as a surrogate mom is woefully misguided. Annalise tells her as much during her drunken stupor the night before going to trial to hear her fate. Like with a verbally abused child, Bonnie is also attached to the idea of proving herself to her abusive mom, to show that she’s worthy of her “mom’s” love. She’s always feeling like she’s never good enough, and I think eventually, her love for Annalise will turn into hate. She’s killed once in the name of her “mother”; who’s to say she’ll turn full Norman Bates and try to kill Annalise?

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• I could care less about the siblings’ trial. For the story, it doesn’t matter if they killed someone or not, since more than likely, Annalise will get them off. We know their trial is happening solely so that Annalise and the lawyer’s deaths (or in Annalise’s case, near death) can act as set pieces for a “WTF”-worthy season finale. They are some unlucky siblings; death follows them wherever they go.

What did you think of the episode? Give your opinions below!

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