T-minus a couple of hours until the Sleepy Hollow Season 3 premiere! I’m so excited! And some of my theories about this season have come to pass, thanks to what executive producer Clifton Campbell told TVLine. Here are some of the things he said:

• On Betsy and Ichabod: Campbell said that Betsy and Ichabod’s history will come into play and they will give each other the eye, but that’s about it. “Well, they will have a very close working relationship,” he told TVLine. “Those moments, or those looks in between, they’re too much fun to play with, and I would say that’s as far as we feel we need to go with that character.”

• On Irving and the role Lance Gross might play: It would seem that Irving does get his proper exit, which is great. But it also seems like Abbie’s next boss, played by Lance Gross, isn’t going to be privy to the supernatural goings-on. “It felt like they all too quickly coopted whoever was the boss in the first two seasons into the supernatural, or they just ignored them entirely,” Campbell said, also saying that this season, there plans on being more of a play on Abbie’s struggles to stay true to her job and her Witness duties.

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• We will get to see what happened in The Lost Year: We currently don’t know what went down between the time Abbie and Ichabod killed Ichabod’s family and now, after Abbie graduated from Quantico and Ichabod’s trip to England. Campbell has confirmed that we will get flashbacks to that lost time, and we’ll be caught up.

I love everything I’ve read, and I feel like this season really is in good hands. Campbell’s comments on the treatment of the Boss of the Season, be it Irving, Reyes, or Gross’ character, rings true to me. I did like having Irving as a part of the team, but I do see where he’s coming from when it comes to Abbie’s boss either being roped into the proceedings or ignored entirely, when there’s a whole storyline that’s being missed; Abbie’s struggle to stay loyal to her job and loyal to the biggest job of her life, saving the world.

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I also think that Betsy and Ichabod would, of course, be sharing glances and stuff. But it’s mighty interesting that Campbell’s curtailing their interaction instead of progressing it further to, perhaps a romantic reconciliation. That bit, combined with Ichabod moving in with Abbie, is going to give a lot of fans something to think about.

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Photo credit: Tina Rowden/FOX

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