What a week of TV it’s been! I’d have to say this has been one of the most jam-packed weeks of well-written event TV I’ve seen! And the week’s not even over yet, since we’ve got Indian Summers on PBS and Quantico on ABC this Sunday! (Technically, these shows are starting the new week off, but I grew up with weeks starting on Monday.) But just when you thought it was time to slow down, the fall TV schedule is about to get even more packed with one of my favorite shows to watch and report on, SLEEPY HOLLOW!

Fans have been impatiently waiting on Oct. 1 for months, and now that we only have a couple of days to wait, FOX has decided it’s time to get the Sleepy Hollow promotional train rolling with new promos and new cast photos!

First, the cast photos. I really love the photos and the collective story they tell. Let me read the tea leaves and we can see how close I come once the show airs.

•I think Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) and Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon) might be, individually, what Katrina should have been as a single character. Betsy Ross has been described by Ichabod himself as being crazy, which, if we go by the coded man-speak Ichabod didn’t realize he was using, means Betsy is probably very strong-willed. If Betsy is crazy and somehow Katrina wasn’t to Ichabod, then I think we’re going to see some very explosive stuff coming from Betsy. I’m here for it.

Similarly, Pandora is one of this season’s evil characters. Interestingly enough, she’s dressed as an 18th century woman, not an Ancient Grecian or anything like that, which makes me think that the dress is a callback to Katrina’s character. To me, Pandora—an evil witch doing magic, a witch who is being billed as being a strong opponent for Team Witness—is what Katrina should have been since the middle of Season 1. We should have found out in the middle of that season that Katrina was planning to usher in the Apocalypse the whole time. But you can read more about my Season 1 suppositions re: Katrina hereEnough about Katrina, though; she’s not even in this season.

•The goof factor is high with Ichabod this season. Or, perhaps, maybe Tom Mison is letting more of himself shine through this season than we are expecting. There’s definitely a stronger light behind Mison’s eyes this time around; does this mean he’s invigorated by the scripts he’s been given this go-round? Has some of the stuff he’s wanted Ichabod to do come to pass this time? In any case, it seems like Mison is letting his proverbial hair down this season, while his character seems to have released all his demons from a symbolic haircut.

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•The new cast members look good. As I’ve already written, I’m itching to see what Betsy and Pandora are going to do. Both already look like better definitive characters. Pandora’s arm tattoos are a great contrast to her historical garb, and Betsy’s “18th Century Tomb Raider” look is suprisingly similar to what Katrina wore when she realized women could wear pants. But at the same time, Betsy looks ready to do some battle; she’s geared up and ready to kill.

I’m excited for Zach Appleman and Lance Gross in their photos, too. I can’t want to see what they do. I’m already liking the stance on Appleman’s Joe Corbin. He’s got character. Looks like he’ll be a real asset to the team. It’s still unclear if Gross’ Agent Reynolds is going to take on the Capt. Irving position, but I can definitely say that Ichabod will certainly be keeping his eye on Reynolds, since he’s no Capt. Irving with a wife and child. (Or is he? We don’t know if he’s got a spouse and kids, do we?)

• Everyone’s kinda around the same age (or they definitely look like it) which is interesting. I don’t know how intentional this was, but it gives the show a very young, reinvigorated feel to it. The pictures give the impression that this season is going to be a lot fresher in terms of writing and direction, so perhaps all I’m sensing from these photos isn’t youth necessarily, but a youth-like spirit. (Anyways, I’m not calling anyone from last season “old.” You know what I’m trying to say.)

Here are the photos so you can view them for yourself!

The promos are equally interesting. There’s definitely an #Ichabbie slant to both of them.(However you view that hashtag, okay? I’m using it as friendship-to-more-than-friends; please no one persecute me for using it this way, because I’m going to keep using it like this.)

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There’s also the “We’re on with Bones!” message one of the promos gets across. I’m still not convinced on that Bones crossover. I’ve never seen Bones, and I’ve never had any inclination to watch it. If you’ve seen it, tell me why I might like it and why I shouldn’t be fearful of this crossover in the comments section. If Sleepy Hollow was crossing over with The X-Files or even if there was some kind of impossible Minority Report crossover, that would be cool with me. Otherwise, I’m scared. But in any case, let me get fine with the fact that Sleepy Hollow is now teammates with Bones.


Okay, now you’ve seen everything, you’ve read my commentary and you’ve got opinions. Tell me about them! Sound off in the comments section below and tell me what you think of all this stuff! 

Photo credit: Michael Lavine/FOX
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