It’s Tyrant day, and probably the day of reckoning for Rami! In truth, I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight, but I do know one thing—I love the women of Tyrant

Last week, I wrote a piece for Entertainment Weekly about the women of Tyrant and how they, specifically  Nusrat and Leila, exhibit how women are often the unseen strength at the center of societies that don’t really cater to them. Leila especially shows how a woman who is born in a society that commands perfection from its women can rise above the muck of her circumstances and become a shining force of power, even when that power is exhibited behind the scenes.

Here’s a quote from that post:

Leila has said that she views Nusrat like she would a daughter, and I think she’s telling the truth. It’s clear that Leila can see a lot of herself in Nusrat, and it’s clear that, despite her wanting Nusrat to annul her marriage to Ahmed, she wants Nusrat to have a better life than she has. But Leila has managed to make herself a formidable part of the Abuddinian presidency, and in many ways, she’s the one who’s the real president.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but it seems like that statement should be altered a bit. Sometimes, a great woman is what makes an average man seem greater than he is; this is the case with Leila. Leila is not just the First Lady; she’s Jamal’s adviser and political strategist all in one. She knows more about what it takes to run a country, and if given the chance, she’d be able to run Abuddin calmly and with an iron fist. Leila’s ability to see the practicality in any situation and divorce her feelings from most decisions is exactly what Jamal lacks.

Leila’s harsh life has given her the talent to be able to see things from a calm, rational, and sometimes coldly distant perspective. Meanwhile, Jamal is a loose cannon who wants everyone else to save him from himself—instead of dealing with his own demons alone. If Jamal could get out of his own head for long enough, he could learn from his wife about how to be a better leader.

Make sure to read the rest, which includes praise for Samira and Daliyah, at Entertainment Weekly!

On another note, things aren’t looking so good for Rami this week. Like I said, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m sure that whatever happens, it’s going to be explosive and fans will be talking about it for a while. I’m kinda scared.

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What do you think will happen tonight? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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By Monique