I am a fan of Freema Agyeman for several reasons:

1) She held it down for the black women on Doctor Who.

2) She held it down for black women and interracial flirtations on Law and Order: UK (although I have to admit I’ve only seen the first two seasons because…well, I’d be spoiling it. Suffice it to say, I’ve been in mourning for years about what happens at the end of the second season).

3) She’s now holding it down for black women again in the sci-fi world in the Wachowskis’ Sense8. Her character Amanita is also repping black women in a crucial, underserved area: LGBT characterization. Amanita is the girlfriend of Nomi, one of the Sensates who is also trans-woman.

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I also have to say that Agyeman’s nomination for this week’s WOC Wednesday comes courtesy of a COLOR reader! If you want to nominate someone for WOC Wednesday (and if you also want a shoutout), let me know on FacebookTwitter or at the email address listed in the blue sidebar.

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Freema Agyeman as Amanita. Photo from Twitter

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By Monique