If you’ve read my Tyrant recaps for Entertainment Weekly, then you’ll know that I’ve got a very intense love-hate relationship with this show. Particularly with…all of it. But especially with Bassam. He has a lot to answer for, chief among that list of being a person who whitewashed his entire existence. Literally to the point of changing his name to the very unassuming  “Barry.”

However, I’m ready to see what happens to Bassam, since the last time we saw him, he was locked in prison thanks to his brother Jamal. This is probably one of the handful of times I was ever on Jamal’s side, since despite the horrors Jamal is capable of, he always trusted his brother’s insight and truly believed his brother would never do anything to hurt him and his reign.

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FX was kind enough to send over the first look trailer for Tyrant, and you can take a look at it at my EW Community post! If you’re #TeamBassam, #TeamJamal, #TeamLeila, or #TeamIhabRashid, there’s tons in the video that will give you clues as to how your fave might fare this season. I’m all about anti-establishment and people who actually have leadership, so I’m both #TeamLeila, the real mastermind in the Al-Fayeed family, and #TeamIhabRashid, since Ihab has a legitimate reason to fight the Al-Fayeeds and hope for their destruction.

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The second season of Tyrant airs tomorrow at 10/9c on FX. Will you be watching? Write about your opinions in the comments section below, and make sure to follow COLOR on Facebook and Twitter!

“Mark of Cain” — Episode 201 (Airs Tuesday, June 16, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Adam Rayner as Barry. Photo credit:  Kata Vermes/FX

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