TruTV’s latest hit show, Fake-Off, takes the art of “faking,” or weaving iconic pop culture moments into amazing performances, to the next level.

This Wednesday, contestant team the Deca Crew paid homage to some of hip hop’s most influential moments with their interpretation of the history of hip hop, including portraying a legendary Missy Elliot performance featuring creative director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson herself.

Take a look at the performance right here.

Want to see the rest of the episode? Head over to and watch full episodes right from your computer.

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Here’s more about Fake-Off:

The next-generation talent show returns with cutting-edge acts joining the Fake Off community, weaving iconic pop culture moments into groundbreaking performances. “Faking” themes from the Wild West to ’90s nostalgia, the teams mix theater, acrobatics, aerial stunts and illusion into spectacles that dare to make history by re-imagining it. Laurieann Gibson (Creative Director) and Beau Casper Smart (Choreographer) join Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) on the judges’ panel. Meghan Camarena (aka Strawburry17) covers backstage action, while new host Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) leads the way.

Fake-Off airs on TruTV Wednesdays at 11/10c.

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Harry Shum Jr., Laurieann Gibson and Beau Casper Smart as judges in Fake-Off. Credit: TruTV

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