Here’s what happened this week and last week and maybe the week before that. 

Here’s what fashion looks like when it’s created by an actual Native American designer, instead of appropriated junk created by non-Native individuals. Mic features the fashions of rising star designer Bethany Yellowtail of B. Yellowtail. 

Rep. Loretta Sanchez made a huge mistake when she made a “war cry” gaffe, making tons of Native American and non-Native American politicos alike very upset and uncomfortable.

Another person who has crossed the line when discussing Native Americans: Jesse Eisenberg, who wrote some sort of story for The New Yorker using terms like “squaw” and whatnot. Needless to say, people got mad, and rightly so.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new MTV webseries (I’m assuming it’s a webseries) called in Rebel Music: Native America, focusing on the Native music scene. 

Harriet Tubman could be the new face of the $20! It’s about time we started changing our “baseball cards with slaveowners on them.”

The ACLU wants state and federal agencies to investigate Hollywood’s practices of keeping women out of the top tier, such as directorial jobs. The ACLU cites the bias against women as a violation of civil rights. 

Rebel Wilson is creating a fashion line for Torrid! This is important to me because I shop at Torrid.

Tess Holliday has become the first size-22 supermodel in America, landing spreads in magazines like PEOPLE

Kristene Chapa, who survived the execution-style shooting that severely injured her and killed her girlfriend in a Texas park, received a standing ovation at the GLAAD Media Awards.

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The Girl Scouts state that all girls can become scouts, including trans girls. The organization states they began welcoming trans girls to their ranks four years ago.

There are present black fathers after all, as the CDC states in its latest study. Note the sarcasm in my tone, because of course there are tons of black fathers present. The myth that tons of black fathers are absent or more absent than white fathers is just that, a myth. My dad is present in my life, and he’s not an anomaly.

Empire, which was initially passed over in the international markets, is now the toast of the town overseas. The Guardian‘s Dreda Say Mitchell is even saying the show is something Britain only wishes it could make—a show that has discussion about race relations and homophobia but with fun and irreverent, soapy drama.

Minnesota’s first hijab-wearing police officer is here! Kadra Mohamed is also making history as the first Somali female officer for the state. I hope she has a long, illustrious career.

Three months after the horrific Chapel Hill, North Carolina shooting, Muslims in the area are still haunted by the event and live in fear. 

Eddie Huang is still getting told he needs to be quiet, this time by Arthur Chu for Alternet, 

Many Asian Americans are standing with the family of Akai Gurley, who was shot by Asian New York police officer Peter Liang. Even though some feel Liang should be let off because other white officers have been let off for the same crimes, many Asian Americans feel standing with Gurley’s family and black protesters shows not only solidarity, but also a rejection of the model minority myth.

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Hillary Clinton taps DREAMer and immigration activist Lorella Praeli as her Latino Outreach Director. This seems like a brilliant move.

Dwayne Johnson gets his handprints outside the TCL Chinese Theater. According to Uproxx, getting your handprints outside the theater is an even more exclusive honor than just getting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which means The Rock has seriously made it.

The Angelica Doll has been created for young black girls to learn to embrace and love their natural hair (which can be styled just like real natural hair) and skintone. The doll, created by Angelica Sweeting, is now the subject of a “Naturally Perfect Dolls” Kickstarter. 

The City of Ferguson finally decides to properly honor slain teen Michael Brown and erects a plaque in his memory. 

Lee Daniels confronts his fellow TV showrunners about race (or the lack of) in their popular TV shows. Hilariously, some showrunners get defensive about their writing room choices.

The police are finally rethinking the amount of force they use on a daily basis. It’s about time. 

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By Monique