Irene Bedard rules still, but she certainly ruled the ’90s.

First, there’s Smoke Signals, one of the best movies ever, written by author Sherman Alexie and starring Adam Beach and Evan Adams. If you haven’t seen this film, I suggest you Netflix it. Here’s one clip featuring Bedard as her character talks about the worst things she’s ever done.

Second, she was the voice of Pocahontas in, of course, Disney’s Pocahontas. There’s tons you can say about the film, for sure. Many valid critiques could be made. Even though I still love Pocahontas dolls (and had a huge one as a kid), there’s no doubt the film is a big “f*** you” to the reality of the Pocahontas’ life and Native culture. But, despite everything one could state about the film, Bedard did an amazing job as Pocahontas. I just wish the Disney Pocahontas saga had stopped after the first one, since the second one…is…HORRIBLE.  I still watched it tons of times as a kid, but even then, it made me feel uncomfortable.

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There’s more to Bedard’s career than just these two moments, but these parts of her career made the biggest impact on me growing up and growing into my media scholarship. What do you love about Irene Bedard? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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By Monique