A man named Matthew Apperson shot at George Zimmerman, the killer of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, during a road rage incident in Lake Mary, FL (outside of Orlando). During the police press conference, it was revealed that Zimmerman had antagonized Apperson long before, starting with an initial road rage incident that led up to Zimmerman tracking Apperson down at his job. 

That’s about all I’ve got. If you’re expecting great emotion from me, you’re not going to find it. There’s a lot I could write, but that’s not my style. However, you can probably imagine what I could be thinking. I don’t care about Zimmerman’s woes since he didn’t care about Trayvon Martin being an unarmed teen just trying to get home out of the rain (protection from rain is one of the function of a hoodie, after all).

Instead, I’ll put some tweets of the reactions people had when they heard the news that Zimmerman was shot at. Most people were thinking the same thing—disappointment at nothing more serious being wrong with him. You know you have to be terrible if most everyone who hears you’ve been shot become gleeful at the fact that you might be dead.

I think that’s enough. Some tweets were too raw for me to feel comfortable even reposting, so just go to Twitter to read what people said they’d do if and when Zimmerman dies, what they’d wear to his funeral, and more that will make you understand just how hated a person can become.

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Image compilation from Jason Pollock/Twitter

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By Monique