This is a post that’s been basically a month in development hell. So many articles, including the huge Cornel West teardown by Michael Eric Dyson. That was a great, if extremely long, read and I have my own opinions about West, many of which were supported by that article.

But this post isn’t about Cornel West! It’s about what’s been going on recently. So I got rid of the several pages’ worth of links and just narrowed it down to the last 10 or 11 I’ve culled this week. Here we go.

The 10 men who tried to kill Malala Yousafzai have been sentenced to life in prison! According to The Huffington Post’s reporting, authorities have confirmed that all 10 were part of the Pakistan Taliban.

Pixar might make some great movies, but they aren’t really known for their cultural diversity. They are making a step towards a more inclusive style of storytelling with Sanjay’s Super Team, based on Pixar animator Sanjay Patel’s experiences growing up as a boy trying to come to terms with his family’s culture and his place in America.

Some photos of the Kurdish women who are fighting back against ISIS. Also some photos of life in the Japanese-American internment camps. 

Here are several Freddie Gray-centric posts. If you haven’t heard by now, this case is about Gray, who sustained fatal injuries while in police custody. As per usual, he’s a young black male.

First is news that Prince has created a song for Baltimore, but it’s release has yet to be announced. Another music star who is helping Baltimore is Beyonce, who has asked her Beyhive to work with the NAACP to help spread relief to the area. 

A new legal star has been born! Marilyn Mosby, the youngest State Attorney in a major U.S. city and, after watching that press conference, possibly the toughest, has laid the gauntlet down on the six police officers and superiors who were responsible for Gray’s death. Here’s more about her (which also includes a link to her amazing press conference). 

Quartz reports on ThinkUp co-founder’s Anil Dash’s pointed Twitter remarks about how white America views Asian America as the wedge between white and black communities He states in so many words that if Asian Americans talked about white Americans the same way white Americans talk about black Americans. a point would be made about how ridiculous it is to lump a group under the same umbrella.

What do you think about this news? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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By Monique