You’ve seen my coverage of Adam Sandler’s awful film The Ridiculous Six, which, I’m proud to say, also includes an in-depth interview with former Ridiculous Six actor Loren Anthony. Well, for my ICYMI post this week, I’m posting three articles outlining people’s overwhelming anger and disappointment with not just Sandler and The Ridiculous Six, but with Hollywood’s practices in general. 

Tyson Houseman, a Native actor, wrote an op-ed for VICE about how he is proud of the actors who did walk off the Ridiculous Six set and his own experience with appropriated and problematic roles for Native actors due to his role in the Twilight films.

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Comedian Marc Yaffee wrote an op-ed for Indian Country Today Media Network saying that he’s got Sandler’s Indian name. I won’t say what it is here because that would reveal the punchline. So just read it. 

MTV’s Kase Wickman interviewed SAG-AFTRA Native Americans Committee national chair and actress DeLanna Studi about the film and the importance of Native recognition in Hollywood and how a film can be funny without offending everyone.

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