One hashtag that I’m not sure got a lot of airtime is #DearNativeYouth. The hashtag provides an outlet for support, inspiration, and positivity to reach Native kids.

The hashtag is very important, since a lot of American media doesn’t give proper respect, reporting, or representation of Native Americans and Native American issues. Of course,Β I’m speaking from an American perspective, but I’d dare to say that lack of representation and understanding affects Natives of any country.

There are so many issues facing Native Americans that should be considered universal American issues, such as the staggeringly high rate of sexual assault crimes that occur to Native American and Alaska Native women, the high rate of innocent people killed in police-involved shootings, and many, many other systemic issues that affect Native kids’ self-esteem and sense of worth. #DearNativeYouth takes a stab at being a part of the solution that uplifts Native young people and that they do matter.

Here are some of the tweets.

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You can see more tweets @DearNativeYouth. What do you think about #DearNativeYouth? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo: @DearNativeYouth/Twitter

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