I think we can safely say that even though there was some kind of drama about Rebecca possibly being Lila’s real killer (which most of the fans had already figured out the moment they laid eyes on her), the best part of How to Get Away with Murder episode “Mama’s Here Now” was Cicely Tyson going Old-School Black Mother as Ophelia Hartness. What a tour-de-force between her and Viola Davis.

There was so much there that I could talk about, between shaking Annalise to get out of bed to scolding the Keating Kids about cleaning up and “home training,” to getting Annalise in the kiddie position between her knees and combing her hair (since, according to Ophelia, Annalise’s “kitchen” probably hasn’t been kept right). Seeing Ophelia connect with Annalise as she scratched Annalise’s scalp (a move to clean out dandruff) reminds me exactly of what Rapunzel Jackson‘s Malia Dawkins was talking about in her interview about the mother-daughter connection with hair-braiding. Of course, Dawkins didn’t have confessing to murder in mind. But you get what I’m saying.

I’m glad Ophelia revealed that she did care about Annalise’s (or Anna Mae’s) rape and sought to seek vengeance for her daughter. Annalise has held a grudge against her mother for years, thinking she was just stuck in her country ways. Her hearing Ophelia’s confession seemed to rally her, get her back together and back to the Annalise we know and love. Goodness knows we needed her prowess for the first half of this episode. HTGAWM-Bonnie-court   Bonnie was about to lose the case hardcore! So hardcore that the hospital rep was pleading with her to just go for the settlement. But, thanks to Oliver, Connor and Asher, she was able to reveal the truth—that the hospital rep and the plaintiff were in a relationship and were using Bonnie’s client, a mousy dental assistant, to get a huge settlement and retire to the islands. Without these three, Bonnie was going to be up a creek without a paddle. She’d already messed up her opening statements horribly.

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The thrill of winning a case without Annalise led Bonnie to engage in sex with Asher on a car, with poor Frank watching. First of all, how do you just have sex in the open, and second, how do you have it on top of a car in a public car deck? People will be coming back to their cars!

The final reveal-not-reveal was that Rebecca might have killed Lila, not Sam. I’d figured she did from the beginning, but Wes, for whatever reason, is just now figuring this out. He began to suspect something when a letter came for Rudy, the person who used to live in Wes’ apartment room. Some snooping around (and a little lying from Laurel) led Wes and Laurel to find Rudy, who’s supposedly in a psych ward from an overdose. But he remembers something important. “Wet.” Wes deduces that he can only mean the water from the water tank Lila was found in.

So now Wes is freaking out, wondering if they persecuted Sam for no reason (well, when it comes to Lila’s death). I don’t know. I also don’t know if Nate is really in on Annalise’s plan to frame him. But, as she said to Michaela, she’s going to get everyone out of the mess she put them in. But to me, it would still seem like someone would have to fall.

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What did you think of this episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below. (I’ll give my opinion: I hope we see Cicely Tyson as Ophelia again!)

Photo credit: Mitchell Haaseth /ABC, HTGAWM on TV Tag (Twitter), Screencap of Cicely Tyson 

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By Monique