After reading the spoilers for the first part of the season finale, “Awakening,” I already know I’m going to be on the edge of my seat. You can read the full spoilers at Spoiler TV and ScreenSpy, but the condensed version of what you need to know are this:

• One of the main characters will die

• One of the main characters will kill that character

• Ichabod’s life is going to be rocked by this death and other events surrounding it.

• The Witnesses’ bond is going to be tested harder than ever

I’m sure everyone’s got some theories, so let’s see if yours align with some of mine. They’ll be in order from most likely (in my opinion) to least likely.

1. Abbie kills Henry 

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Nicole Beharie. 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: David Johnson/FOX

Abbie’s been itching to kill Henry for a while. It’s going to be tough thing to do, especially since he’s Ichabod’s son, but Henry’s also the Horseman of War and it makes much more sense to kill a demonic villain than it does to try and rehabilitate them. That’s not how apocalypses are averted.

One of the core themes of this season has been family over duty. Abbie has shown more than once that she’s got enough inner strength to stay to true to the course and see the mission out to its completion, even if that means giving up on friendship (Irving) and contemplating killing her friend’s son (Ichabod). Ichabod has been the one that needed to get over this hump, and it would seem that in this episode, he would finally push himself over that ledge enough to let his son die (I still don’t think he’d want to kill his own son, but you never know).

Another thing I’ve said before is that Henry’s death is basically going to be an apocalyptic version of Rev. Doctor Purify killing his own son, Gator, because he’s hooked on crack and Rev. views it as him giving his soul to the devil. (It’s an amazing scene, but it’s one not for the faint of heart, so I’m just linking to it in case you want to see it instead of embedding it. It’s a tough moment, though.) Although I think Abbie will be the one to kill him, I think it’s going to have a lot of overtones to that scene.

2. Ichabod kills Henry

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Tom Mison. 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: David Johnson/FOX

I’m putting this second because I’m still not convinced Ichabod would kill Henry, but the more I think about it, the higher the stakes would really be in terms of Ichabod’s relationship with Katrina. To kill a person is already cold-blooded, but to kill your own son?

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The only way I could see Ichabod killing Henry is if it’s revealed that Henry isn’t even Katrina’s son. That makes more sense canonically if we remember back in Season 1, how he didn’t even have any knowledge of Katrina’s pregnancy, nor anytime she could have gotten pregnant by him.

Do I think they’ll actually make Henry not Ichabod’s son? No. That’s wishful thinking on my part. I could still be wrong, but I don’t think they’ll retcon Henry’s life to make that much sense simply because I’m not sure how closely they’re keeping up with Katrina’s lies and secrets. But, if this is Katrina’s last secret to reveal, that would certainly unleash a fury in Ichabod we haven’t seen before. It would also give an alternate meaning to the spoiler that Ichabod’s losing someone important to him. He could be losing the son he never had.

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A quick side-note: In both the first and second scenarios, Henry getting killed makes the most sense since it seems like Katrina flinging Abbie back to the past is still in play, according to the spoilers. Katrina probably opened up the past to get her son back and relive the days of motherhood she gave up.

She might also want to keep Abbie and Ichabod back in the past to punish them; if Abbie is stuck in slavery and Ichabod is stuck in a time that no longer applies to him, they won’t be able to stop the impending apocalypse and they’ll all die in a blaze of fire, but at least Katrina would have her son back.

Or is she just sending just Abbie through time? If Abbie is the one that kills Henry, it makes a lot more sense that she’d just fling Abbie back in time as sadistic punishment, leaving Ichabod stuck in the future with no one to turn to. Hmmm….

3. Irving kills Jenny

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Orlando Jones. 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: David Johnson/FOX

Jenny is the only person Irving’s confided in since he came back from the dead. Jenny’s also bound to be his target. Since she’s the only person who knows where Irving’s family has been hidden, Irving will certainly want to capture her and torture her until she says where they are. It might be the case that Jenny decides to sacrifice herself in order to keep the knowledge from getting out.

If this happens, I’ll be really sad, since it’ll leave Abbie even more alone than before. She finally made amends with the one person in her family left to her, and then that person dies? WHY WORLD, WHY!

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On the calculating, business side of things, that could also leave a vacancy just right for Abbie’s ancestor to come back. Of course, I would have preferred she come back with Jenny still alive.

4. Jenny kills Irving


Evil Irving has a target on his back just for being evil. Although Jenny might feel it’s best to kill him, she won’t simply because he’s wearing the guise of her former friend. Jenny’s too loyal and even though she’s a fighter, she’s not heartless.

Another thing going against Evil Irving getting killed is that one of the articles above state that there are several characters who are still in the realm of redemption. Could Irving be one of those characters? I hope so, especially since that would mean he survives all of this mess. Although, if we go back to the above theory, I’d hate for Irving to come back to his senses and learn that he killed Jenny. If that happens, things would just go from bad to worse for him.

5. Katrina kills Abbie

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That promo with the exploding car is really scary, but seeing how things have to go down, I doubt Abbie will be dead. But I’m sure Katrina would love to kill Abbie after Abbie (or Ichabod) do whatever they do to the person who’s going to die (probably Henry).

Besides, the fandom will explode itself if Abbie is killed. One of the articles linked above state that the show will divide and excite people. One of the most dividing things they could do is kill Abbie. But I don’t think that would happen, since Abbie can’t go back in time if she’s dead. Unless Ichabod’s going to go back through time just to get captured by Abbie in the present day again. That would be a CRAZY way to reset the entire series and wouldn’t make much sense since there’s supposed to be a permanent death, which would be undone by going back in time (to the same timeline, of course, not any other alternate ones. This is why I hate time travel stories).

So, what do you think is going to happen? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: David Johnson/FOX

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