The new clips from the upcoming episode, “Awakening,” have been released, and while all of them are interesting, one of them is particularly of note:

As you know, I usually don’t post tons of clips and stuff; posting clips along with talking about casting news are always tedious for me, so I avoid those types of posts because I’m lazy. I’m so sorry about that.

But this clip is very intriguing. Why? Because Abbie brings up the fact that she wants to free her ancestor that was turned to stone by the gorgon! You also know what that could mean? That there’s already a plan for a third season asking to be written!

Well, I’m hoping, anyways. If anything I’ve said is true, then the fact that the writers wrote in the possibility of another character, especially one that has a lot of info we need, means that if Fox needs to figure out a trajectory for the show, they can easily bring in the new ancestor and have a character that kills two birds with one stone.

First, she kills the “But what about Katrina!” angle. We don’t need Katrina anyways, but if Fox is worried about having a vacuum created after the loss/evil turn of Katrina, they could easily, just fill it with the ancestor lady. She’s bound to 1) know a lot about the Witness prophesy and 2) actually be useful, since she was frozen in time trying to do useful things.

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This character could also get rid of growing resentment about Abbie’s past and ancestry not being fleshed out enough. Abbie also needs a time traveler friend on the black side of life; I know Ichabod is as supportive as he can be, but it’d be cool to have Abbie’s ancestor verbally spar with Ichabod when it comes to history. It’d be the Fox version of the Dave Chappelle joke about the black and white views of George Washington:

That would really take us back to Season 1, when Irving and Abbie tagged Ichabod’s behind for repping Thomas Jefferson. Those were good times…

Third, we know how networks are scrambling to get more diversity. In a way, if Goffman was truly behind bringing Katrina to the forefront and pushing Abbie back (which I guess he was, since he’s the showrunner), then the joke’s on him, since one of the big reasons Fox might keep Sleepy Hollow around is that it is one of it’s most diverse shows. Apart from Ichabod, Katrina, and Henry (and Hawley, when he was with us), everyone else is a minority—Reyes and a bunch of black folks. Even stranger, all of the really evil people are white (apart from Irving, but he’s a special case; he was tricked into his evilness). I don’t know if white evil people was what the writing team intended from the beginning, but someone could certainly write a paper on this and the reversal of racial identity used in conjunction with evil characters.

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Because Fox is still reeling from Empire’s runaway success, they’re going to try to bump up their fall lineup with even more minority-led shows. If Sleepy Hollow comes back next season, the first thing I think Fox will do, apart from keeping strict tabs on the show’s flow, is to fill the cast with even more minority characters. Hopefully, this means they’ll bring Calvin back, but let’s hope that it also makes them revisit the plot crumb of Abbie’s stone ancestor. Nowadays, more minorities means more money, so perhaps Fox will look at Abbie’s ancestor from a business perspective, at least.

In any case, I’m excited for “Awakening,” especially since we’ve heard not only about Grace Dixon, but also Abbie’s ancestor. By the way, can we get Grace to somehow make a hologram appearance? We need to even out the Thomas Jefferson hologram. (I really dislike Thomas Jefferson.)

What do you think about this upcoming episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

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By Monique