How many Jimmy Olsen superfans are there out there? How many are upset that Mechad Brooks, a black actor, is playing him in the new CBS show Supergirl?

Yes, Mehcad Brooks, best known for Necessary Roughness, has been cast in the role that usually is reserved for a “Gee Whiz, Superman!” kind of character. He’s also always been white. But it appears that this show is trying to grow Jimmy up and diversify him at the same time.

In this show, Jimmy (or “James”, as he’s being called in the series) is still a photographer for the Daily Planet, but he’s also living in National City instead of Metropolis, the reason for which is still a secret. I’m not deeply versed in the Superman/Supergirl side of DC Comics as I would like to be, so I don’t know the importance of National City. If someone can enlighten me in the comics, please feel free to do so.

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It also seems like this Jimmy is going to be a love interest for Supergirl (played by Melissa Benoist). Variety reported this bit of news in the first sentence of their coverage, and Comics Alliance jokingly asked if Supergirl would date Jimmy, or would she date a horse, referencing the time in the comics when Supergirl dated a rodeo rider named “Bronco” Bill Starr, aka Comet the Super Horse in human form, who was actually a not even a horse, but a centaur.

Supergirl airs in the fall; will you be watching? If so, make sure to follow the Supergirl Radio podcast, hosted by my friends Rebecca Johnson and Teresa Jusino. They’ll start podcasting about all things Supergirl this Feburary!

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“USA Network, R&R Partners Foundations Flip the Script, Cox Communications and MGM Resorts International host #UniteLIVE: The Concert to Rock Out Bullying headlined by recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen” — Pictured: Mechad Brooks from Necessary Roughness — (Photo by: Ethan Miller/USA Network)

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