Leave it to Tom Mison, the master of giving away too much in interviews, to decisively break the Sleepy Hollow fandom with his latest interview with TV Guide. In the video, which is about Abbie/Ichabod vs. Katrina/Ichabod, Tom says some serious verbage about how Ichabod really feels about Abbie.

“It’s all about Abbie,” he said when addressing Ichabod’s feelings. “He is completely in love with her.” Also interestingly enough, Albert Kim, whom I said didn’t seem to be feeling Katrina a lot, continues feeding me clues into how he really feels with his careful PR wording and acknowledgement that Katrina does, indeed, cause problems because her allegiances are with no one.

Since I read someone’s comment on Tumblr that mentioned this song, here’s “Whoomp, There It Is,” now the official theme song to the Ichabbie fandom;

Okay, now that that silliness is over, let’s talk a bit more seriously. When I read this bit of news, there were four thoughts that went on in my head:

• WOW, Tom. You’re really just going to say this like this?! You’re bold and you don’t know how to keep secrets! (But having a strong honest streak is a good quality in a person.)

• The Ichabbie fans are going to lose their minds!

• The Ichatrina fans are going to lose their minds!

• They are really trying to get fans back on the Sleepy Hollow train.

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This shipping war has been the bitterest one I’ve seen since Zutara/Kataang (Avatar: The Last Airbender). This one got really ugly when there were accusations of racism on the Ichatrina side, some rogue Ichabbie fans anger-tweeting Katia as if she’s Katrina, and just general basicness on both sides by random diehards, to be honest. But if there’s anything the majority of Ichabbie fans have over the Ichatrina fans is that there seemed to always be a sense of destiny with Ichabod and Abbie. Even people who don’t necessarily ship them together can’t deny the powerful tug they have with each other.

Of course, I’ve said on Twitter that I’m not really getting into the whole shipping thing, despite my tweet today made out of surprise:

I have been an Ichabbie shipper in the past, but if they get together or not is not my complete concern at the moment. I just want the show to get back to a certain level of consistency before I get back into shipping anyone. I doubt romance will enter into the equation (canonically, anyway) until like the fourth or fifth season. Of course, if Mison can stop making Ichabod have heart eyes at Abbie, that’d help a lot, too. In any case, I’ll be eagerly watching the shipping battle get taken to the highest of high levels.

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Okay, enough of this. Time for the next bombshell. Apparently our boy Neil Jackson, whom we’ve come to love as Abraham, might not be coming back as the Headless Horseman after all. So I’m guessing he’s the permanent death? Here’s Jackson’s tweets:

I’m sad to see Jackson go. He really did make Abraham cool, despite Katrina’s aim to rehabilitate him. I was really sad about Abraham missing out on the life he felt he was promised because he was, in a way, robbed. But I can’t wait to see Jackson in his other projects.

What do you think about this news? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

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