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The Three Times Leonard Nimoy's Spock Helped Reduce the Race Relations Gap

Leonard Nimoy is dead. WHY!? I feel like the stereotypical woman who throws herself over the casket asking, “WHY, GOD! WHY!” But, as much as I feel like that woman who’s still holding on, this...

GLAAD Rebukes TLC's "My Husband's Not Gay"

It’s funny that with Florida making the United States roughly 70% legally accepting of same-sex marriages, something like TLC’s My Husband’s Not Gay would make the news. Please follow and like us:

“Tyrant”: Why Do People Love That “Sex” Article So Much?

It’s Tyrant season again! I’m already having to play catch-up (for those waiting on my Entertainment Weekly Community Blog recaps…just give me a second), but I thought that until I give my opinion the...