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Aaliyah's Anniversary: My Memories of the R&B Singer

Today, Aug. 25, is the anniversary of the death of R&B singer Aaliyah. Twitter was alight with fans remembrances and well-wishes, and I think I should do the same. Please follow and like us:

Queer Coded: Scar ("The Lion King")

I’m sure there’s going to be someone out there that’s going to say, “What, Monique? This is a lion! Scar doesn’t count!” Yeah, he’s a lion, invisible person who doubts my logic. But that...

#DifferenceMakers: Janel Martinez’s “Ain’t I Latina” Reps for Afro-Latinas Left Out of the Conversation

There is not enough focus on the people who live at the intersections of cultures and ethnicities. The Afro-Latina identity is one such group that seems to go under the radar in the media, and...