Hip, hip hooray! Viola Davis has got a movie role that’s going to launch her into the comic book canon forever! It had been rumored (and fervently hoped for by many) that Davis would be considered for the role of Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, and, as Latino-Review is reporting, that dream has come true!

The website gets the news from their sources, who have confirmed to them that Davis has successfully landed the role. Of course, there will be some who might be upset that someone more heavy-set didn’t get the role, since Amanda Waller has mostly be drawn in the comics and various animated series as an overweight woman. That’s actually a very valid reason to be upset, since it’s not every day you see an non-perfect body in comic books and it would have been cool to see such on the big screen. But as it stands, I’m very happy with who got the role. Davis is a powerhouse, as we’ve seen on How to Get Away with Murderand she’s sure to bring her scene-chewing prowess to this role.

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By Monique