This recap is was written a day after the initial airing of “Magnum Opus,” because of the verdict coming out of Ferguson, MO. Needless to say, my mind (and the minds of many others) wasn’t focused on what Abbie and Ichabod was fighting that day.

But I’ve watched the episode now and here are my slightly abbreviated thoughts on it, which featured Ichabod and Abbie finding the Sword of the Methuselah in an effort to defeat Moloch, see Headless kill a gorgon, and have Henry read Katrina for filth (again):

Abbie and Ichabod, together again!: I’m glad that after a lot of wank, Abbie and Ichabod are back to fighting bad guys with each other, not with Katrina mucking up stuff. Katrina’s a real pill, but more on her later.


It was great seeing Abbie and Ichabod play a game on their phones, research Grace Dixon’s book of spells and supernatural info, banter, and console each other about what they do and do not know about themselves. However, if we’re honest, Abbie’s the only one who knows anything about themselves.  Which leads me to the next point:

Ichabod doesn’t know himself: If anyone’s going to get them killed, it’ll be Ichabod, not Moloch. Yeah, Moloch wants to kill them, but Ichabod not knowing himself will lead them right into Moloch’s clutches. He really needs to get his ish together quickly, which means he’s got to suss out his relationship with Henry (i.e. sacrifice his son or let the earth die), figure out where he’s at with Katrina (i.e. pushing her out of his life for good or letting the earth die), and owning up his part in Abraham’s downfall.

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Yes, I said it. Ichabod has a hand in Abraham’s downfall. No matter how Ichabod paints it, he did steal Katrina from his best friend. Of course, there are still tons of blanks in Ichabod and Katrina’s relationship, but still, Ichabod acted on his impulses.  He could have been a little more honorable.


Katrina is uselsess, part infinity: How many times do I have to say it? She asks for opportunities (i.e. staying at Abraham and Henry’s house) and then squanders them (like not giving Team Witness much of anything useful). She states she will kill Baby Moloch and then she squandered that and now we have Adolescent Moloch sulking around the house, wanting food like those teens in the Tyson chicken bites commercials.

Katrina seems to not understand how to act without a man telling her what to do. Henry has to allow her to use the mirror? Abraham gets to speak to her like a child, saying things like, “I think you’ve had your fill of talk for the day!”?  MAJOR SIGH. 

We leave the episode with her watching Henry prepare for Moloch’s true ascent. All the while, she has a blank look on her face. HELLO, KATRINA! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED MOLOCH WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE! Ichabod might not know himself, but at least he’s trying to save the world.

If she does turn out to be evil, that will make her character make some kind of sense.

Jenny and Irving: I hate that they’ve separated again! Is hiding out the best decision for Irving? Why couldn’t he have called Jenny of his grand plan earlier, before she drove all the way to the Canadian border? I just hope Irving can do what he needs to do without getting caught by Reyes.

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The gorgon: It was neat to see Abbie use Abraham’s headlessness to help them defeat the gorgon, but it almost seemed like a big to-do about a monster for nothing. The entire sequence lacked something since Abbie and Ichabod didn’t really defeat the monster.

Abbie’s other ancestor: The last thing I want to discuss is us meeting Abbie’s other Dixon ancestor, turned to stone. It would appear that Abbie’s family has been doing the utmost to keep the world from turning to junk, but they’ve been thwarted at every turn. Thankfully, it appears Abbie is going to break that cycle.

This has been a trying week and we’re only barely in it. To be honest, my head still isn’t totally in Sleepy Hollow world right now because of the unrest in Ferguson. If you are similarly ill at ease, then maybe you’d like to read some articles I’ve written about the crisis and spread them to your Twitter/Facebook followers (or with those on your timeline who somehow think race isn’t a part of this whole fiasco).

What did you think about this episode? How mad are you at MO State Prosecutor Bob McColloch for taking up most of the broadcast saying the most incendiary speech from a prosecutor ever? Give your opinions below the post!

Photo credits: Fred Norris, Brownie Harris/FOX

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