Now that the verdict has been given in the grand jury case of whether to indict Darren Wilson–who killed Michael Brown this past August–the media has been given the “data dump” which was put forth to the grand jury members. With reams of information, some of it probably or probably not related to the case, it’s no wonder why there was a vote of “no indictment.” There’s literally too much there for the average person to digest.

But, the bits that have come out on social media do paint a much more concise and harrowing picture of how the information was presented to the jury members as well as Darren Wilson’s frame of mind during the day of Brown’s murder.

I’ve already written about Wilson’s mental state, but there’s also something else concerning Wilson’s testimony that’s just as damning as his words–the pictures of Wilson’s supposed “injuries.”

Take a look for yourself. He looks completely injureddoesn’t he?

When the pictures came out about just how “injured” Wilson was, Twitter decided to discuss just how unaffected Wilson actually appeared in the photos with the hashtag #MoreInjuredThanDarrenWilson. Here are some of the top tweets.

I would embed more, but some are actually graphic and show Emmett Till’s mauled body and a lynched black man. Those tweets do drive the point home, though–that the lack of an indictment on Wilson’s actions is an actual indictment on innocent, unarmed black boys and men.

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Picture of Darren Wilson from the “document dump” released to the public and media from the MO State Prosecutor’s Office.

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By Monique