In the post about Moana, I write that hearing the film will be computer animated is a bit of a bummer since I can already see the 2D animated film in my head. I just like 2D animation better. The only way I can watch 3D animation is if its used in a non-boring fashion or has a unique look to it, like The Book of Life (wooden puppets), Toy Story (using the technology to enhance toys’ already fragile and fabric-plastic existence), or the upcoming film, Peanuts.

I am so glad that two of Schulz’s family members–Bryan Schulz and Craig Schulz– helped write the film and are on as producers. The Schulz family is very protective of Peanuts comic strip creator Charles Schulz’s work and only wanted a film made if it could honor Schulz’s sense of humor and artistic style. I think the medium between 2D and 3D is very inventive and captures the original charm of Schulz’s work.

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It also pushes the boundaries of 3D and how audiences view computer animation. Projects like Frozen are inherently aesthetically pleasing and, of course, take a long time to create. But films like Frozen are also boring-looking because they don’t color outside the lines when it comes to artistic style. It’s like you’re looking at computer puppets.

Take a look at this new trailer and images released from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox and write your comments below!

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Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox

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