As I’ve written in my “Fandom Strikes Back” article, the Sleepy Hollow writing team got a severe wake-up call from fans and press. Let’s thank our lucky stars that the next episode in the line-up is “Mama,” featuring Abbie and Jenny (and their mom!) front-and-center.

Here are some things I liked from the previews:

Abbie told both Ichabod and Hawley not to interrupt them while they watched the video of their mom, Lori. She tells Jenny that the video is just for them to see. I found that really refreshing. It’s a way to honor their mom’s memory and to keep from others cannibalizing her plight or making light of it. There’s still some stuff that should only be shared between sisters.

Abbie is also at the head of the case concerning suicides at Tarrytown Psychiatric. With Abbie at the head, this means that some of the other major characters (Ichabod, Hawley, Katrina) now have to fall back. That’s a relief, because even though I empathize with Ichabod’s fish-out-of-water scenario, there’s only so much of him knowing everything that I can take.

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The fact that “Mama” is coming almost midway into the season also references a theory I had about the season as a whole. I’d written somewhere that I think the writers had an inkling as to how the first half of the season would test the patience of the audience. (They couldn’t have realized that it would literally make them fightin’ mad, though.) With Katrina back at the Horseman enclave and (hopefully) mostly out of the Team Witness picture, the status quo is back in place.

Perhaps the plan was to show just how necessary it is for the Witnesses to stay true to each other and to stick together. In fact, in the first few episodes of this season, that’s exactly what Ichabod said. The episodes everyone hated showed just what happens when the Witnesses are taken away from each other.

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After writing my “Fandom Strikes Back” post, I’m actually Sleepy Hollowed out now, so I won’t belabor this post. Here are the previews; what do you think about them? Give your opinions in the comments section!

P.S.–I’d promised on Twitter an article about some theories behind the fears Abbie and Katrina have (maggots and rats, respectively). It’s still coming. I just have to think through some things.

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By Monique