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"Tyrant" Season Two Quick Thoughts: Bassam's Family + A Shout-Out from Rami

I wrote last week that I’d have this post up, but I just couldn’t make it. 1) I honestly didn’t know what to write about 2) I was progressively getting sicker and sicker. Not...

"Sleepy Hollow" S2 rewind: "The Weeping Lady"

Let’s have a slow clap for Ichabod finally waking up in “The Weeping Lady.” I thought I’d never see the day when Ichabod would finally wise up and realize that Katrina’s been stringing him...

Trailers and Promos: "Daredevil," "Badlands," "Bessie" and More

There were a lot of trailers an promos this week. Let’s take a look. Please follow and like us: